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IPG International offers comprehensive leading table gaming equipment, unique proprietary product brands, product knowledge and services to fulfil any customer requirement.

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    Our proficient and experienced sales team is available to ensure all operations are maintained at the highest technical standards and operational efficiency within a 24 hour response time.

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    We offer a diversified portfolio of table gaming products, services and distribution arrangements with leading-edge casino gaming equipment suppliers to ensure you have access to the best table gaming equipment

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    IPG International can supply both the initial and ongoing management for a variety of table gaming operations and equipment


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Product Variety

Lunar Poker is five card draw poker played against the house. Players are empowered with unique and multiple options where they can improve their hand to play against the dealer. At the same time, unprecedented side bet odds are on offer, along with the fully complimentary Instant Cash Payout bonus feature. The player can bet on their own hand, other player’s hands and even the dealer’s hand.

  • Instant Payout Bonus: A first 5-card royal flush or straight flush will be paid anywhere from 1,000-1 to 1,500-1 and 200-1 to 500-1 respectively, on the ante without any additional side bet.  This is a true bonus feature for the player.

    SUPER Wager: High paying side bet with 8 combinations for the first five cards, including 200 to 1 for a four of a kind and 100 to 1 for a full house paid on the SUPER bet.

    Draw Option: Exchange 2-5 cards or buy a 6th card for the price of 1x ante to improve initial hand against the dealer.  The dealer cannot draw and stays on their first five cards

     Bet on the Dealer’s hand: Place a SUPER wager on the dealer’s hand and win if the dealer has one of the 8 SUPER combinations.

    Bet on any other player’s hand: Place a SUPER wager on any other player’s hand and win if they have a SUPER combination.

    Double Combination Feature: Get paid on 2 poker combinations in one winning hand, where only the highest combination has to beat the dealer for both combinations to be paid.

    Lunar Poker is easy to learn and fun to play for all levels of poker experience




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IPG International Layouts

  • Durable Synthetic Fabric
  • Choice of any pantone CMYK Colors
  • Heat sublimation process
  • Water and burn resistant
  • Manufactured in Thailand, ExWorks Bangkok
  • One price for any design of table game layout, no matter it is a roulette or blackjack size!
  • Free design charges on orders of 50 plus pieces
  • Short lead time, subject to a production slot
  • Free cutting, packing, and wrapping for international shipping.



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IPG Gaming Tables

When it comes to purchasing gaming tables for your operation, IPG International gaming table selection is vast. We excel in high-end VIP table builds as well as the mass gaming floor builds.

You can choose from our default designs or custom builds depending on your budget.

From hard wood to teak, laminate to veneer to duco paint, the choices are varied. From PVC to leather cushion surrounds, the choice of colors is numerous.

From laminate to marbon / marble drink surrounds, IPG International’s team of expert furniture makers can supply your needs.

VIP table builds

IPG Live Dealer Sibco Table

The IPG International Sicbo table incorporates the latest high resolution LED 60″ screen for the betting area and a high performance 10″ touch screen for the Dealers Game Interface.

Default or customize screen betting odds for your region with a choice of color betting backgrounds

Winning number results display come in a variety of designs to choose from.

Outer table design can be default or custom built to your specifications.

VIP table builds

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Gaming Tables

We offers comprehensive leading table gaming equipment and unique proprietary product brands.


Now more than ever, successful casino operations need the best slot machines and gaming systems to keep patrons satisfied.

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